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Holistic health coach and wellness blogger Kathryn Chandler knows the importance of living a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle. Years of study, experience and personal development work have taught her how to heal the body, mind, and soul.

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Kathryn’s 60-page Wellness Kick-Start Kit is a practical guide to making positive lifestyle changes. Such as adopting mindful eating habits, practicing gratitude, mindful movement, and self-love rituals. Each will help you attain the brightest, shiniest version of YOU each day.

Kathryn believes we are all worthy of living a life bursting with love, happiness, and abundant health!

This book is designed with ready-to-use templates and real examples from her own life, helping you live a healthy life too. You’ll find mindful eating journals, workout planners, shopping list templates, and so much more.

Inspiring, educational, and supportive, this stunning guide will motivate you to kick-start your very own wellness journey and start living your dream life now!