Inner Ecosystem

Did you know that we have our own inner ecosystem?

Inside each of us is an entire ecosystem, with thousands of different microorganisms and bacterial species… Just like in a rainforest.

Nature is us and we are nature.

When I think of gut health in this way it absolutely blows my mind!

Picture a beautiful veggie garden, filled with rich soil and overflowing with the most delicious, organic, juicy, nutrient rich vegetables and fruit. The farmer tends to the garden everyday, ensuring it has just the right amount of sunlight and water, adding compost when needed or organic fertiliser and pulling out weeds as necessary. The garden is kept in tip-top shape and continues to produce life giving fruit and veggies, season after season.

This my friends is how a healthy gut would look.
With the “farmer” (you) looking after the “garden” (your gut) with the utmost care and attention. Ensuring it has just the right nutrients (healthy food, probiotics and clean water) to ensure the health of the garden. Pulling out the weeds (bad bacteria eg: “Candida”) whenever it pops up.

The problem is, for many of us, we have forgotten to tend to our gardens and so the soil has become leached of nutrients, the plants have all died and dried up, noxious weeds have taken over and our garden is needing a make-over!

It’s not that you’re a bad farmer, it’s just that you’re a farmer with a full schedule and maybe for the past little while you’ve neglected your garden. But today is the day you’ve decided to pull out your garden gloves and start to tend to your garden.

Check in with yourself right now. Is your inner ecosystem producing pretty flowers or noxious weeds?

What is the first step you will take to start getting your garden healthy again?