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Noosa Escape

Whenever I’m in need of a city break and looking for a beach escape the first place my heart wanders to is Noosa. Of course I am a little biased, growing up in the Noosa hinterland area, this is the place where I spent most days during the summer holidays. I have so many wonderful memories of days spent under the sun, in the water and on the golden sand. This magical paradise holds so much beauty and will always have a special place in my heart.

Things to see and do:

The beaches are pristine and there’s no better place to soak up some sun and go for a swim to cool down. The main beach is protected by a cove so it’s not always ideal for surfing but it’s perfect for stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. The Noosa vibe is very relaxed and being in this atmosphere definitely brings a sense of calm and balance to your day.

If you’re wanting to stay active while you’re on holiday, there’s plenty of options to choose from. There’s gyms and exercise studios nearby and fitness classes held right on the beach so you can work on your tan at the same time! My favouite workout while I’m in Noosa is the walk to Hells Gates through the Noosa National Park. It’s a beautiful track through tropical vegetation, hugging the coast line which opens up to a spectacular view of the ocean at the top. Contradictory to its name “Hells Gates” the view looks a lot more like heaven to me.

One of my favouite self-love rituals while I’m in Noosa is to visit the Noosa Springs Spa. The facility is equipped with a hydro-massage pool, floatation pool, infra-red sauna, steam room, blitz shower and thermal capsule. It is an experience of total bliss and I promise after a massage, fully body scrub or facial you’ll walk out feeling totally rejuvenated.

My favourite places to eat & drink:


Raw Energy

Belmondos Organic Market


Blended Health Bar

Sails Restaurant

Bistro C

Rickys River Bar & Restaurant


Noosa Beach House


Miss Moneypenny’s

When I’m at the beach and spending most of the day in the sun, I like to cool down and stay hydrated with a fresh juice from Boost or a superfood smoothie from Blended Health Bar. Both are located along Hasting Street and are easy to access from the beach. If your craving a healthy ice-cream… Quenchers makes the best acai bowl in my opinion.

In the summer I find that I lose my appetite with the heat and I don’t like feeling heavy or bloated, especially if I’m going for a swim. If you can relate and are looking for a light and refreshing lunch option don’t stress! Most of the restaurants in Noosa have a few healthy salads to choose from and the produce is usually local and fresh!

My healthy “un-healthy” indulgence…

When I’m catching up with girlfriends in Noosa for drinks I like to go to the Noosa Beach House because they have two super delicious mocktails on their menu…

  1. Tropical Virgin (Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Strawberry)
  2. Strawberry Crush (Strawberry, Lime, Cranberry, Apple & Guava)

Both are super delicious but remember to have everything in moderation… although they are non-alcoholic, they are still high in natural sugars from the fruit juice so limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks and have water in between.

What do I pack in my beach bag?…

My favouite bikini

Kaftan or sarong

Sundress or denim shorts & a singlet

Large straw beach hat



Large beach towel or Mandella blanket

Shower towel

Small shampoo & conditioner

Hair brush

Plastic bag for wet toggs

Bali Body Tanning Oil

Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen

Glass water bottle with lemon

Healthy snacks (I usually take fruit & veggie sticks with hummus dip)

Book or inspirational magazine


Check the weather forecast and tide before organising your trip so you can plan your activities accordingly.


Inspired recipe…

Grilled Salmon & Salad

Salmon, almonds, avocado, olive oil and chia seeds all contain good fats that are essential to a well-balanced diet. These foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which help improve feelings of satiety… meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. These healthy fats feed your cells from the inside out promoting luscious, shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin.


2 salmon fillets (buy wild caught)

2 handfuls baby spinach leaves

2 handfuls rocket

¼ cucumber sliced

1 avocado sliced

½ cup roasted almonds

½ cup parsley


½ lemon squeezed

½ lime squeezed

2 Tbsp extra virgin cold pressed olive oil

Pink Himalayan rock salt

Ground black pepper

1 Tbsp chia seeds


For the dressing…

  1. In a small bowl combine the freshly squeezed lemon and lime juices with the olive oil, rock salt, pepper and chia seeds. Whisk together and pour half of the mixture into a medium bowl for the marinade.

For the salmon…

  1. Dipthe salmon into the marinade and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and crushed almonds. Cook on the grill for about 10 minutes per side on medium heat until golden.

For the salad…

  1. Wash the spinach leaves, rocket and parsley before tossing together in a large bowl. Slice the avocado and cucumber and add to the bowl. Drizzle over the dressing and toss all ingredients together before topping with the roasted almonds.

Sit down to eat mindfully and enjoy!

Serves: 2 (so you can share it with a loved one or have a meal prepped for the next day!)