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“My travel essentials – what I eat & what I pack to maintain optimal health and wellbeing while travelling”

Hey Gorgeous,

Today I felt inspired to share my passion for healthy travel with you after my recent trip back home to beautiful Noosa in sunny Queensland! Healthy food and travel are two things I truly love but sometimes it can be a challenge to pull off both at the same time…

If you’re planning a trip and want to feel your best this article is a must-read! I’ll be sharing my personal tips and tricks for staying healthy while travelling and I’ve also included my personal favouite travel essentials to ensure for a relaxing and comfortable flight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re jet-setting off to a tropical paradise or winter wonderland these travel essentials are a must-have for any adventure!


Travel Essentials – What To Eat

Airport and aeroplane meal options are known to have a pretty bad reputation… and for good reason, often the food is highly processed, packaged and loaded with salt, sugar and nasty preservatives. It can be a real challenge to maintain a healthy diet while travelling, especially if you‘re someone that has food intollerances or digestive issues. If you’re not prepared it can be very easy to make poor food choices and suffer the consequences by experiencing digestive discomfort, bloating, lethargy, headaches and all of the many other “not-so-fun“ results of eating un-healthy foods.

I’m sure you would agree that this is NOT how you would like to start off your holiday! For this reason I like to plan ahead and pack my own healthy snacks and treats. To give you a few ideas these are the yummy and healthy goodies I like to take with me to the airport…

*Green juice

*Veggies sticks & humus dip

*Fresh fruit

*Activated plain mixed nuts

*Goji berries

*Medjool dates

*Bliss balls

*Pure dark chocolate (Loving Earth & Pana are both deicious!)

*Veggie chips (I like Thomas Chipman chips)

*Plain popcorn (Cobs are great)

If you’re organised and prepared it’s much easier to make healthy food choices! Of course this may not be possible in every situation and in that case my advice is to simply make the healthiest choice available to you at the time. Stressing over food is so much worse for your body then the food itself! If you find yourself in this situation remember that it is what you do everyday that determines your health, not what you do sometimes.

Top Tip: Stay hydrated throughout your travels by drinking lots of water and herbal teas. Avoid sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol as they are dehydrating. This will also help to prevent jetlag!


Travel Essentials – What to Pack

I try to pack as light as possible but there are a few little things I never leave without! These travel essentials come with me in my hand luggage no matter where I’m going…


*Flight itennary.

*Comfortable clothes that you can layer while in flight – I like to wear my Pilates/Yoga tights, a long sleeve shirt and a jumper so that I’m nice and cozy.

*Scarf – to keep your neck warm and avoid getting a chill.

*Warm socks.

*Eye mask – to block out any light so you can get your beauty sleep!

*Earplugs or sound canceling head-phones.

*Inflatable neck pillow – This way it doesn’t take up half the space in your carry-on bag.

*Pocket tissues.

*Hand wipes (Wotnot all natural wipes are great).

*Hand sanitiser (I use Divine by Theresa Kerr).

*Empty water bottle to fill up on the plane – Glass is best but BPA free is good too and light-weight, which is ideal for travel.

Although I have a strong immune system and very rarely get sick, I usually come down with a cold or flu during the flight from the exposure to so many different germs and viruses at the airport. It also dosen‘t help sitting in a confined space for hours inhaling stuffy, recycled air on the plane. The last thing you want is to feel unwell while you’re on vacation but I’ve found a few things to give my immune system a boost and I’m sure they will help you too!

*Stress Management – Rest & resorative sleep before your trip are so important!

*Probiotics – I take 1-2 high-quality probiotic supplements everyday.

*Ki Immunity Tablets or a Super Greens Supplement.

*Vitamin C – Powder form is best as it is easiest for your body to absorb.

*Herbal Tea – Ginger & Lemon, Fennel & Fenugreek, Green Tea.

*Rescue Remedy Drops & Lavender Essential Oil – To calm any nerves and promote a tranquil, calm state.

My hair, skin, lips and eyes tend to become very dry during the fight but I’ve found a few tricks to prevent this from happening…

*Essential oil blends for my skin & nails – Rosehip, Jojoba and Coconut oils are all really hydrating.

*Hydrating moisturiser, facial oil or night serum.

*Hydrating facial mist spray.

*I rub Oil of Marrakesh through my hair, especially onto the tips.

*Lip balm – I use Burts Bees or Pure Paw Paw Ointment.

*Saline eye drops – To prevent my eyes from becoming dry, itchy and red.


A few ideas to keep you occupied during the flight…

*Take the opportunity to rest and sleep as much as you can!

*If you’re having trouble sleeping you can still rest your body and mind by meditating.

*Listen to your favourite playlist, audio book or podcast.

*Read a great book or a positive & inspiring magazine.

*Pass the time by journaling or writing a letter to a loved one.

*Get creative with a mindful colouring book or sketchpad.

*Take a laptop so you can catch up on some work.



*Just in case your luggage goes missing… which does happen from time to time, it’s also a good idea to pack a spare change of clothes, clean underwear, toiletries, supplements and your phone charger in your carry-on bag.

*Remember to check the regulations for items in your carry-on bag and luggage.

*Always check your carry-on bag and luggage weight allowance for each flight as it can vary depending on the airline and make sure to weigh your bags once you’ve packed!


So Beautiful, I hope this will help you to feel more organised and prepared for your next trip and if you have a girlfriend jet-setting off on an adventure in the near future then make sure to share this article with her too!!!

Love Kat


P.s – I’d love to see what healthy snacks you pack for your next trip! Take a pic and tag me in it on Facebook and Instagram! @kathryn.chandler #kathrynchandlerhealthytravel