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Recently I had the honour of interviewing the gorgeous Nicole Joy, wellness advocate and author of two cookbooks including Eat Dessert For Breakfast and Life’s Too Short For Diets. This inspirational goddess creates the most amazing healthy recipes and even incorporates doTERRA essential oils into her cooking. Nicole is truly passionate about promoting health and inspiring others to fall in love with food again. In this interview we talk about what inspired her to start cooking with essential oils, how you can incorporate essential oils into your own life plus so much more juicy info. I have personally learnt so much from this beautiful lady and I cannot wait to share her wealth of knowledge with you too!

“I inspire women to live a healthier and more balanced life – in both body and mind.” – Nicole Joy 

Q1: What was it that first inspired you to start using essential oils?

Before I even had plans to write a book, I was obsessed with raw desserts and all the amazing flavours that you could create with essential oils. Seriously my chocolate orange bliss balls and peppermint tarts are to die for! Although I can’t take all the credit – the amazing tastes come from the oils!

Q2: Why do you personally choose to use doTERRA essential oils?

Plain and simple, they’re the best! I tried a few other brands but the fact that I could literally use the oils for EVERYTHING – cooking, cleaning, enhance my sleep, help my digestion, manage my moods – you name it, I can do it with these oils! The purity and quality of doTERRA oils are off the charts – they source from over 40 different countries globally, from where the oils are meant to grow. Not on a big privately owned farm somewhere. They also have this beautiful initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing – where when working with developing countries (about half of the countries we source from) we ensure that the farmers and harvesters are treated ethically. It’s about developing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income. Partner that with their incredible Healing Hands foundation that does things like install running water, build schools, provide education for children – and you have yourself a company like no other. That really resonated with me.

Q3: What are a few ways we can incorporate essential oils into our daily life/routine? (cooking… beauty… cleaning etc.)

Well it goes without saying that they are amazing in bliss balls, smoothies etc. I encourage everyone to check out my website to get the low down on how to cook with them. But apart from that, diffusing them in the morning is a great way to get everyone going. Orange + Peppermint is an absolute favourite! I love to have the lemon in warm tea instead of lemon juice which can damage tooth enamel. I put Frankincense with my jojoba oil for a beautiful face serum. They have this incredible blend called Digestzen for digestive support – so a few drops topically over the tummy has been a savior. I literally could write all day about what I do with them!

Q4: What are the main health benefits associated with using essential oils?

Essential oils work to restore balance at a cellular level and they can do so aromatically, topically and internally. What I love most about essential oils, is that there’s no nasty side effects like those that can come with synthetic medications. Essential oils pass easily into our skin and cell membranes and a little goes a long way. So in the world of essential oils, you use a small amount more often, then a big dose less regularly. Aroma has long been known to positively affect our mood – it’s not just ‘hippie stuff’ anymore! When we smell something, the particles land on our smell receptors in our nose and immediately communicate with the limbic part of the brain, which is responsible for emotions and memories. That’s why when we smell something, we can be immediately transported back to a place where we have a memory stored from. It’s fascinating! Not only that – but the smells can have a powerful affect over our physiology too. Flicking that mindfulness switch, helping us to relax, slow our heart rate OR the opposite – stimulate and invigorate our senses and get us geared up to focus on the task at hand!

Q5: What is your absolute favourite recipe from your ebook The Essential Kitchen?

Oh tough question! But I think I will have to say those peppermint ganache tarts – they are incredible!

… Isn’t she amazing!?

If you would love to know more about Nicole, feel free to visit her social media platforms!
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Ps – Make sure to check out Nicole’s latest eBook The Essential Kitchen for real, raw food inspiration and sign up to one of her Cooking with Essential Oils Workshops!