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Q&A with Lee Holmes

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing the gorgeous Lee Holmes, bestselling author of the Supercharged Food series, which includes Eat Your Way To Good Health; Eat Yourself Beautiful; Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian; Heal Your Gut; and Supercharged Food for Kids. She is a columnist for Wellbeing Magazine and is the Lifestyle Food Channel’s Healthy Eating Expert. Lee holds an Advanced Certificate in Food and Nutrition and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN), yoga teacher and wholefoods chef. This incredible woman has inspired me so much on my own personal health journey and I can’t wait to share her wealth of knowledge with you!

“In my experience the first step to Supercharging your life is to listen to your body and the clues and signals it is giving you.”- Lee Holmes

Q1: Can you share with us how your health journey began?

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and fibromyalgia several years ago, I became accustomed to feeling depressed, exhausted and in pain. I was put into hospital and prescribed to a foreign cocktail of medications and antibiotics. Whilst these helped alleviate some of my symptoms, I knew there was a bigger underlying issue that they weren’t going to get rid of. This sparked my research into using food as medicine, gut health and healing my body through nutrition. I started experimenting in my kitchen with my findings and just wanted to share it with a group of people who understood where I was coming from; as humans, I think we find comfort in knowing that people are going through the same thing as us and that we’re not alone in our journeys. This is when I started my blog, www.superchargedfood.com. I used it, and still use it, to create and share recipes, connect with others and write down my discoveries and ideas. I then started writing my first book and now the rest is history!

Q2: Can you please explain to the readers why gut health is so important?

When we look at anything in life, we have to start from the centre. When it comes to health, we have to start from the gut. If our gut isn’t functioning efficiently, we’re not going to be able to function efficiently. The gut is the core to our health. It’s linked to our brain, endocrine, immune system and more. Did you know there are even scientific links between poor gut health and mental illness? Looking after the gut means we’re moving towards not only a healthier life, but a happier one too!

So, how do we go about fixing our gut health? Our bodies are made up of 100 trillion living organisms, most of them living in our gut. These are known as gut microflora. Our gut microflora contains ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. ‘Good’ bacteria help us produce hormones, trains the immune systems, regulates toxins we ingest, controls our metabolism and helps us absorb nutrients. The ‘bad’ bacteria however, makes our bodies more susceptible to disease and inflammation. This is why we need to make sure our gut health is so important and something that I’m so passionate about!

Q3: What are your favourite nourishing foods and why?

By taking care of your body through eating nourishing, gut-healing food, we’re able to rewrite our health journey for the better.

I love all things spice! One of my favourite spices of all time is definitely turmeric. It can boost immunity and offers a whole host of anti-inflammatory properties due to the active constituent, curcumin. Turmeric can also be extremely beneficial in weight-loss, lowering insulin resistance and activating fat-burning genes. Another one of my favourite spices is cinnamon for its sweet taste and ability to lower blood sugar levels. My latest product, Golden Gut blend includes all of my favourite spices and Diatomaceous Earth for a hearty dose of gut-loving.

I love seeds! I don’t care if we’re talking chia, pumpkin, sunflower or sesame; I love all seeds. They’re rich in zinc, a crucial but often forgotten mineral that can help with skin health, immunity and growth.

I can’t forget my undying love for all things vegetable. One of my favourite vegetables are definitely zucchini’s. They’re high in fibre, vitamin A and vitamin C so they’re great for overall immunity, heart, eye health and weight loss! I have two delicious zucchini noodle soup recipes you can check out here.

Okay, the last one may surprise you. I love sardines. Before you turn your nose up on these commonly rejected tinned swimmers, sardines are extremely beneficial for our health. They’re rich in Omega 3’s, the energy-boosting vitamin B12 as well as minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Plus, there’s no denying they taste delicious!

Q4: How do you like to move your body and stay active?

I love to start my day with a solo walk. No phone, no friends and no work; just me. I find I treasure this time I have alone, away from my often-chaotic schedule and never-ending emails. It makes me so much more productive throughout the day. I love walking to the beach and totally disconnecting from the craziness of traffic and my usual surroundings.

Q5: What does your beauty routine involve and what are your favourite products?

After testing out lots of different products, I’ve decided that when it comes to beauty, simple is the best option for me. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of my Love Your Gut powder in water. I truly believe outer-beauty is a direct reflection of your insides. I then proceed to rinse my face with warm water and put on some sunscreen.

After a long day of work, I love to light some candles, put on a warm bath with Epsom salts and lie there with my Earth Mask & Scrub. I then rinse my face with warm water and apply some Rosehip oil before I go to bed. There’s nothing better than the feel of Rosehip on my skin!

I love Lee’s holistic approach to wellness and I couldn’t agree with her more on the importance of focusing on gut health!

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