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Q&A with Emmily Banks – Depths of Beauty

This week I had the honour of interviewing the beautiful Emmily Banks, creator of Depths of Beauty and natural makeup artist with over 10 years industry experience. Her passion for organic, cruelty free and eco friendly products makes her the perfect advocate for conscious beauty. Emmily embodies what it means to be a natural beauty goddess. She radiates beauty from the inside out and takes a holistic approach to beauty. This incredible woman has inspired me so much on my personal journey and I simply can’t wait to share her wealth of knowledge with you!

“I hope to empower women to love the skin they’re in, supporting the natural, healthy desire to look and feel beautiful!” – Emmily Banks

Q1. What inspired you to make the change to natural beauty?

My beauty career began in mainstream makeup artistry but as my knowledge and passion increased and my career grew I started to feel there was a huge disconnect. Contributing to the consumption of toxic, mainstream products didn’t sit well with me so I started looking for alternatives that were better for our health, animals and the environment. As I made this transition to natural beauty I instantly knew that this was something that needed to be shared!

Q2. What are the best beauty boosting foods to nourish your body?

I have so many favourites! Coming into winter bone broth is incredible for boosting your body with collagen and minerals which will leave your skin glowing. I also love incorporating healthy fats into my diet to really nourish the skin from the inside out.

Q3. What is your number one tip for a truly glowing complexion?

Nourish your body from the inside out! Eat organic where possible and try to incorporate lots of greens, filtered water and nutrient dense food! No product can give you the same glow that comes from being healthy, happy and living life to the fullest!

Q4. What is your all time favourite natural beauty product and why?

It’s so tricky to pick just the one. My current favourites include Weleda skin food, Inika Organics foundation, Ere Perez bronzer.

Q5. Can you tell us about a few exciting projects you’re currently working on with Depths of Beauty?

There are so many exciting things in store… we have just locked in our next masterclasses, we are working on a few online offerings including the Recipes for Radiance e-book and lots of other exciting projects we can’t wait to share.


…Wow! Isn’t she amazing!?

If you would love to know more about Emmily and Depths of Beauty, feel free to visit her social media platforms!
Instagram @depthsofbeauty and @emmilybanks
Website www.depthsofbeauty.com.au