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So nice to reunite with my gorgeous friend, Full Time Mumma, Health & Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Blogger @kathryn.chandler.

With pregnancy and health being a major subject in the social media light at the moment, diets and lactation fads flooding the Insta feeds and the big ol’ #healthymumlife that is just so hot right now! At times it feels like I’m falling behind, struggling to keep up on what’s hot and what’s not on the subject of good health and welbeing while pregnant and breastfeeding to maintain overall good health for us mummas and the development of our babies..
I asked Kat, she had all the answers!

Q: Tell us a little bit about you.
My name is Kathryn, I’m an IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Blogger. I became a first time Mumma at the age of 24, in April 2016 when my partner Patrick and I brought our beautiful baby boy Gabriel into the world. Becoming a Mother has truly been the most incredible, life changing experience for me. I am really passionate about spreading the message of health and wellness and in this interview with my beautiful friend Liv I’ll be sharing my knowledge in the hope that it will encourage and inspire you to be a happy and thriving Mumma with a healthy and content little Bub.

Q: As a professional; How important is good health & wellness during pregnancy and the breastfeeding months, and what are some tips we could all use?
It is Oh So Important! As they say… “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” It takes a lot of energy growing a little human inside you and you’ll need even more energy once bub arrives!
It’s important to remember that while your pregnant or breastfeeding your passing on all of that beautiful nutrients to your baby too, so you want to make sure that it’s of the highest quality possible.
The hardest thing about being a Mumma is having to look after a little person when you’re unwell or feeling exhausted, so it’s crucial to make sure your health is in tip-top shape.

A few tips…
1. Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fresh, wholefoods and plenty of greens. If you can, try to prepare some healthy meals & snacks in advance and freeze them so it’s one less thing to think about once bub arrives.
2. REST! It is so important to slow down and really listen to your body… sleep as much as you can because you’ll want your energy reserves stocked up! Like I said, growing a baby takes a lot of energy and once bub arrives you’ll need a well-rested body to cope with the physical demands of being a new Mumma. Your energy levels also impact your milk production. For example, if you’re tired and not giving yourself a chance to rest, your body simply doesn’t have the energy to produce enough milk.
3. Try to move your body everyday… even a relaxing walk outside in the sunshine can help to boost your energy, mood and immune system.
Make time for yourself. This can be a real challenge for new Mummas as your entire focus has shifted to that little bundle of joy in your arms but it is so important to set aside time just for YOU! Ask your partner, Mum or friend to watch your little one so you can have a relaxing bath, do a facial or even meditate for 20 minutes… do whatever you need to do to feel pampered and refreshed. Taking care of YOU is a priority too!

Q: How do you maintain a healthy diet and work/life balance with a busy lifestyle?
It’s all about preparation! Once a week Patrick and I sit down and work out our meals for the week, we make a shopping list and usually we’ll do food-prep on a Sunday so we’re organised for the week ahead. As for keeping a work/life balance I have a day called “Sunday Switch Off”.

Q: Tell me more about “Sunday Switch off”?
Sundays have become my favourite day of the week for this reason! It’s all about keeping a healthy balance between work life and family time. Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages… if you’re not careful you can easily fall into the trap of working 24/7! With this in mind I consciously set aside a full day each week to simply relax and give my full attention to my little bub and Fiancé. This includes switching off from all technology so I can fully focus on my family and enjoy my leisure time without any other distractions.

Q: Can after birth recovery be made quicker or easier with the help of clean eating?
Definitely! I am a strong believer in nourishing your body with high-quality wholefoods. It not only ensures that your body is getting enough nutrients to function optimally and recover quicker but it also improves the quality of your breast milk, so you can rest assured that your little bubba is getting all the nourishment he or she needs.
I also chose to have my placenta encapsulated and took those tablets daily to support my body with recovery post-birth. This practice is rather alternative but has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It’s not for everyone but I swear by the health benefits!

Q: What is pregnancy like second time round with a busy 1 year old in toe?
So far it has been great! I had the dream pregnancy with Gabriel and this time around seems to be even easier so I feel very blessed. I think the challenging times will come in the first few months after our second baby is born. It will be a big adjustment for Gabriel to suddenly live with a new baby in the house and not be the centre of attention 100% of the time. I can only image that it will be a juggle to manage the constant broken sleep and breastfeeding while still having the energy to run around and entertain a busy little toddler!

Q: Can you share your favourite healthy snack for ‘on the go Mummas’?
If you’re a breastfeeding Mumma and want to increase your milk supply I highly recommend Lactation Cookies. They are super yummy and I promise they really do work! (I’ll be posting the recipe for these on my blog in the coming weeks).
If you’re past the breastfeeding phase or skipped it completely I suggest snacking on Bliss Balls. They are high in protein and good fats which will give you an energy boost and keep you feeling fuller for longer! (I’ve actually just posted a recipe for these on my blog @kathryn.chandler)

As the very first interview on the BLOG, I am honoured to be able to share your knowledge and wisdom with hundreds of other like minded Mummas.

Thankyou Beautiful.

Jump over to her health and wellness blog @kathryn.chandler for daily self care reminders and health and wellness guidance.

With Love, xo