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“Prepare yourself physically and mentally for pregnancy”

Hey Gorgeous,

Today I want to talk about a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for pregnancy. Entering the world of Motherhood can be a massive life change but I believe it is one that can be very positive and enjoyable. I want to share with you a few tips on how you can prepare yourself both physically and mentally for this new and exciting chapter in your life!

In the “ideal” situation you are in a loving, committed relationship with a long-term partner. You’ve both come to that point in life where you’re feeling ready to expand your “duo” status to a “trio” by bringing a beautiful little baby into the world. The love and joy grows between you each day as you image this exciting new step together in life and as a couple. The thought of becoming parents and starting your very own little family is simply wonderful… and then there is the miraculous creation of a new life, which just totally blows my mind.

Of course not every story follows the “fall in love, get married and have a baby” plot line… sometimes the big news comes as a total surprise, perhaps the situation doesn’t seem to be ideal or sadly in some cases this may be the result of something that was never your choice at all. However this little being has come to exist I believe that every little life should be celebrated and given a chance.

It’s important to remember that in any situation in life it is always YOUR choice how you respond. When you are faced with a big life decision let me suggest one thing beautiful… follow your heart and don’t listen to any thoughts coming from a place of fear, doubt or negativity. When a decision is made from love everything will work out, I promise!

For Patrick and I, baby #1 was a total surprise! We had been dating for 3 months when we discovered that I was… 3 months pregnant. Yes, things happened quickly, VERY quickly! At the time when we found out our big news I was living on my own and Patrick was on a student visa from Germany. We had no idea if he would be able to stay in Australia and the thought of starting a family after only such a brief amount of time together seemed pretty crazy. We had two choices… #1 to make our decisions out of fear or #2 to choose life and love.

We made the best decision we ever could have and chose love. This decision created a ripple effect of positive events that continue to unfold even today and we took on any challenges that came our way one at a time, supporting and loving each other every step of the way.

At first you may look at our situation and think it’s not “ideal” and wonder how it would all work out or even be possible. It was possible because we believed it to be. We went into it with a positive mindset and hearts full of love.

I truly believe that whatever situation you find yourself in, that is exactly where you are meant to be. Life gives us theses experiences to grow us and teach us valuable lessons, so choose to live in the present moment, fully embrace the now and be grateful for everything that life has to offer.

Remember beautiful that all Mumas are different! You will have your own story and your journey will be unique to you. That being said, I think that there are a few things every Muma-To-Be can do to make the experience extra wonderful and enjoyable.

Here are a few of my top tips to help you feel physically fantastic and mentally prepared in the lead up to the creation of your very own little bambino! If you came into the game a little late (like I did) don’t worry… it is NEVER too late to start putting these things into practice, even if bub is already on the way!

Physical Preparation


There is no such thing as the “perfect diet” because each person will have dietary requirements that are unique to them. The best thing you can do is to listen to your body, experiment and do what feels right for you. The following is a basic guide that I personally follow and believe is beneficial for most people…

What to eat…

  • Eat a colourful range of Fruit
  • Eat a wide variety of Veggies (especially dark leafy greens)
  • Sea Vegetables
  • Legumes & Sprouts
  • Nuts & Seeds (activated nuts and sprouted seeds are best)
  • Wholegrains (soaked grains are best)
  • Lean Protein
  • Good Fats & High-Quality Oils
  • Fermented Foods and Drinks
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Bone Broths
  • Green Juice/Smoothies
  • Herbal Teas
  • Natural Spring Water


What to avoid…

  • Highly Processed & Packaged Foods
  • Industrial Vegetable Oils
  • Artificial Trans Fats
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy


Gut Health

Did you know that your bacterium is passed onto your baby? Before your baby is even born the gut micro biome starts developing, however the majority of the bacteria is passed on during birth itself.  As babies pass through the vaginal canal they are coated and lathered in your bacteria. They will also swallow a mouthful of bacteria just as they take their first breath. It may sound a bit “icky” but this process is ingenious and gives your baby the best possible start to life, providing them with a strong immune system and healthy gut. With this in mind you’ll want to make sure that you’re gut bacteria is optimal (preferably before you even conceive)! The best way to do this is by taking a high-quality probiotic supplement everyday and eating plenty of fermented foods.

If you’re planning on having a caesarean, don’t worry, your baby doesn’t have to miss out on this good bacteria! Vaginal swabbing is an option and still passes on all of that beautiful, beneficial bacterium to your baby.


Growing a baby takes a lot of energy and once bub arrives you’ll need even more energy to cope with the physical demands of being a new Muma. Exercise boosts your energy levels and being fit and active will help to make the labor much easier and recovery time quicker.

Aim to be physically active for at least 30 minutes everyday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym lover, power walker, Pilates practicer or yogi goddess, so long as you’re moving your body in ways that feel good for YOU!

 Rest & Stress Management

Begin the creation process with a well-rested, calm body and embrace your feminine energy. Slow down and really connect with your body. Give yourself permission to simply exist in each moment and be filled with wonder as you imagine and visualise the many different phases and changes your body is about to go through.

Hormone Support

For some women it can be really difficult to conceive and after months or sometimes even years of trying the fear of not being able to pro-create can begin to creep in.

There are so many factors that come into play here. For example your body’s natural fertility can be affected if you’ve taken the contraceptive pill or if you have fertility issues like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or Endometriosis. Even factors such as your diet, weight and stress levels can impact your fertility but what I want to focus on today is having healthy, happy, humming hormones!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and had been on the contraceptive pill for years. When I discovered that this could impact my ability to have babies (and many other things too) I decided to come straight off the pill… for good! I allowed my body to find its natural rhythm once again and I supported this process with a hormone balancing tea called Fertility Tea by Your Tea. This herbal tea blend was created by Natalie Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Natural Fertility Educator, Author and owner of The Pagoda Tree – a clinic of complete service for Natural Fertility and Women’s Health. I had been sipping on this tea everyday for about a month before I met Patrick and all I can say ladies is that IT WORKS!

Mental Preparation


Our mind is incredibly powerful. Our thoughts directly impact our physical state, which is why I am such a strong believer in the power of positivity and using visualisation techniques to manifest my deepest desires and dreams.

From the very first moment I saw those two little blue lines on the pregnancy test strip I made the conscious decision that no matter what happens I’m going to fully embrace this new chapter of my life and not stress about what lay ahead in the future. I chose to have a positive mind-set and see this unexpected little surprise as the most wonderful miracle I have ever encountered in my life. I honestly believe that because I made this decision right at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had the most enjoyable, stress-free experience. It truly was the dream pregnancy and throughout the entire journey I felt especially blessed.

So gorgeous I hope that after reading this article you are feeling empowered with knowledge to begin your pregnancy in the very best way possible. If you know another Muma or soon-to-be Muma who could really benefit from these articles then I encourage you to share my page with her. The more women supporting each other on this wonderful journey the better! 

Love Kat


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