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“Start your day off right and set yourself up for success”

Hey Gorgeous Goddess,

Today I want to talk about morning routines. Whether you currently have a morning routine and want to take it to the next level or you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter because I’ll give you everything you need to know to kick-start your day in a positive way!

In this article we’ll dive into what a magical morning routine is, why it is so important and how it can set you up for an epic day of productivity and positivity! I’ll also give you the steps to create your very own morning routine and just in case you need a little extra inspiration I’ll also be sharing my personal morning routine with you.

What is a Morning Routine?

A routine is a sequence of actions followed regularly. For example, you might get out of bed, go to the toilet, and brush your teeth before having a shower each morning. Now that’s pretty standard and there’s nothing wrong with that routine but I want to take your morning routines to the next level so that you can be the very best version of yourself possible and have a totally awesome day… everyday!

Why is a Morning Routine so Important?

Morning routines help to bring structure and intension to your day. It establishes discipline and sets you up for a positive start to the day. Many successful people begin their day with a morning routine and often attribute much of their success and productivity to this practice. For me personally I love having structure and a morning routine helps to set me up for a successful day ahead. With this practice I am consciously taking positive actions to feel my best daily and it works! When I follow my morning routine, I feel focused, energised and honestly on top of the world!!! If I jump straight into my work for the day and bypass my morning routine, I feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and I’m not a very nice person to be around, trust me!

Create your own Magical Morning Routine:

Okay babe, so let me get straight to the point. If you’re not jumping out of bed giving life a high-five and saying, “hell yes!” to the new day ahead of you then it’s time to make-over your mornings!!!

Step 1: Write down all the beautiful things you would love to do every single morning.

For example…

Watch the sunrise

Go for a dip in the ocean

Walk in nature

Move your body in a way you love

Do a meditation with essential oils

Read affirmations

Write in your gratitude journal

Make your favourite healthy breakfast

Read a chapter from an inspirational book

Listen to a positive podcast

Dry body brush

Have a goddess bath

Step 2: From this list, highlight the top 5 practices that light up your soul and make you feel excited and motivated about getting out of bed to start your day.

Step 3: Now choose your top 3 non-negotiable practices that you will commit to doing each and every morning. These three should be the things that make you feel your absolute best. Of course, if you can do EVERYTHING from your long list every day that is absolutely wonderful and I can’t encourage you enough to do them ALL but lets be realistic, that’s probably not going to be possible. By choosing your top 3 it takes the pressure off to do everything and this makes it more achievable.

Step 4: Structure your day to allow the space and time for your morning routine. Decide what time is best for you to wake-up and begin your day, allowing time to complete your morning routine before starting your work for the day. Make sure to set an alarm so that you don’t sleep through the best part of the day! Going to sleep and rising at the same time each day is important for getting your body into a natural rhythm and this will make the process of creating a routine and pattern much easier.

Step 5: Look at your schedule and access how long you can spend on your morning routine. Maybe you can allocate a few hours (ahh bliss), perhaps you can set aside 30minutes but even if you can only do 5 minutes and take time for a few moments of deep breathing and meditation it’s better than nothing. Perhaps during the work week your morning routine is the quicker version with your top 3 non-negotiables and on weekends you can do the extended version. The length of your routine is not so important, what matters most is that you are consciously making YOUR health and happiness your #1 priority for the day so that you can show up in the world as the best, shiniest version of you possible!

Step 6: As we are focusing on Morning Routines, I want you to install these practices right at the very beginning of each day. DON’T PUT THEM OFF!!! Schedule it into your calendar and treat them as the most important things you must do that day. Decide what order you want to do them in and choose a start time for each activity. This is not selfish, this is called self-care and it’s damn important! I cannot think of anything more attractive then someone who takes time to fill themselves up everyday and look after themselves in the very best way possible. This is self-respect. This is self-love.

Important note:  While routines are wonderful it is also important to be flexible. Let’s be real, life happens and sometimes things come up unexpectedly. This is when you need to be extra gentle with yourself and remind yourself to go with the flow. It’s impossible to be “perfect” and it’s not realistic to think that you will stick to this plan ALWAYS. If something pops up and it means your routine needs to adjust a little that’s okay! Just try your best to do something for yourself that day and get back on track the following morning.

The secret to a magical morning routine…

Believe it or not, the secret to a magical morning routine begins the night before. Imagine that you’ve stayed up until all hours of the night, watching Netflix or scrolling continuously on social media… there is no way you’re going to be bouncing out of bed at the crack of dawn the next morning feeling alive and ready to go, right!? If you want to start your day off feeling fabulous then you must get your 8 hours of restorative sleep the night before.

Tip: Aim to be asleep well before 10pm!

My Personal Magical Morning Routine:

(Just a note ladies… this was the routine I had BEFORE my babies were born!)

I start my morning routine at 5:30pm the night before… I want to wake-up feeling on top of my A-Game and to feel like this I need to have a really good night sleep. Read more about this in my post on Epic Evening Rituals to discover how I prepare myself for deep, restorative sleep.

I wake up at 5am…

Take 3 deep breaths before getting out of bed and choose a mindset of positivity

Oil pull with 1 tbsp. coconut or sesame oil + 1 drop peppermint essential oil

Brush my teeth with activated charcoal whitening paste + floss

Tongue scrape

Cleanse & moisturise face

I move onto my meditation practice…

I intuitively choose an essential oil and turn on my diffuser

Practice 10-30mins of deep belly breathing + meditation

Drink a glass of warm water + 1 drop lemon oil + Himalayan rock salt

I perform a tea ceremony…

In summer/spring I have matcha green tea with 1 drop lemon oil

In winter/autumn I have ashwagandha/matcha/chai or cacao on almond mylk

I set my morning intensions…

I do my mirror work (saying positive affirmations & power mantras)

Read life goals + do a visualisation exercise to manifest my dreams into reality

Write out my daily plan & inspired actions (top 3 MITs = Most Important Tasks)

I move onto my gratitude practice…

I write down 3+ reasons to be thankful in my gratitude journal

I kick-start my digestion…

I drink 250ml warm water + 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar + fresh ginger + turmeric + lemon essential oil + liquid stevia

I get in my morning movement…

I do 30-60 minutes of yoga, Pilates, lightweight training or a walk outside in nature

I move onto some more body loving…

I dry body brush, shower and then do an aromatic dressing which is a fully body love massage with coconut oil + essential oils

I drink a few things to promote gut health and healing…

60ml aloe vera juice

100ml gut healing pure celery juice (room temperature)

60ml young coconut kefir in filtered water + stevia drops

I wrap up my morning routine with a nourishing breakfast…

In summer I have a green smoothie

In winter I have soaked oats

Take my vitamin & mineral supplements

And that my friend is how I personally prime myself for the day! As you could imagine by the time all that’s ticked off, I’m left feeling like a total Health-Goddess!!!

A special note for my beautiful Mamas…

Before having my babies I had quite an elaborate morning routine, starting at 4am and going through until I started work at 8am. I’ll be totally honest it was freaking awesome and I never felt better in my life but after I had my two little ones I could barely find a moment to go to the toilet on my own, let alone do a long list of self-love practices every morning.

I tried to juggle both, looking after myself and my bubs simultaneously but I found it incredibly challenging. Picture me trying to do a 5 minute meditation with both babies pulling on me and craving for my attention…. Yeah didn’t go so well. I couldn’t focus on my practices and I couldn’t focus on them either.

So trying to be the best Mama I thought I’d be selfless and put aside my morning routine to focus on them fully. However I stopped doing the things that filled up my “love cup” and it didn’t take long before I felt completely flat and empty. Logically it makes sense to simply wake-up before your kids and this is possible for sure but when you’re in the season of breastfeeding through the night with constant disturbed sleep every 3-4 hours the last thing you want is to have your sleep disturbed again by an early morning alarm. During this time, sleep is especially important and for me it was a high priority!

So what did I do??? After getting to a point where I felt completely burnt out, I knew I had to do something. So I decided to start my day by simply taking 3 deep belly breaths.

Now I have my yoga mat rolled out next to my bed and when I wake up I literally roll out of bed and fall onto my mat (still half asleep). I sit in child’s pose and take 3 long breaths. That’s it! For now while my babies are still so young this is my non-negotiable practice every morning and it has definitely changed the way my day unfolds… I really didn’t enjoy being a cranky, tired, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious Mama and this simple tool has really helped to change that!

Another thing you can do is tag-team with your partner… while you meditate for 20 minutes your partner can get brekky ready for the kids and when you swap you can take over and do the clean-up or vice versa… Just do what works for you and your family and ultimately make sure you are getting time for YOU every day!!! Remember that this season will pass, (although it sometimes feels like an eternity when you’re in the middle of it) but soon enough your little ones will grow and you’ll be able to get back into your longer morning routines once again.

So beautiful, I hope this article has inspired you to create your very own Magical Morning Routine! If you feel motivated to make some positive changes and believe this post could encourage someone else as well, then please share it with them now!!! I want to spread the message of true health and happiness to as many people as possible and I would LOVE your help so get sharing!

Love Kat Xx

Ps – Don’t forget to tag me (@kathryn.chandler) on Instagram when you share your morning routine. I can’t wait to see what you put on your list and don’t forget to share what positive changes it has made to your life.