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How To Make-Over Your Fridge & Pantry

“It’s time to make-over your fridge, your pantry and your life. It’s time to discard anything that no longer serves your highest good or supports your wellness journey”  – Kathryn Chandler

Hey Gorgeous Girl,

Today, with my help you are going to learn how to give your fridge and pantry a make-over. This is going to help you so much to make healthier food choices and it will prevent food wastage, saving you money on groceries! I am going to teach you step-by-step, how to clean out and re-organise your fridge and pantry and get it set-up just like mine.

Back in 2015, at the age of 21, I began my wellness journey. At the time I was reading a book on nutrition and after a couple of weeks I felt inspired to completely make-over my fridge and pantry. This wasn’t something that was recommended in the book however I really wanted to optimise my way of eating, and I thought by doing this exercise it would help me to stay on track with my new, healthy eating habits. Honestly, it was a GAME CHANGER and doing this, made it so easy to make healthy food choices. Today I am going to share exactly what I did (and still do today) so you can learn how to do this in your own home!

Starting With The Fridge…

  1. Clean Out The Fridge:

I LOVE having a super clean and organised home and our fridge and pantry is no different! Every week before I do our weekly grocery shop, I do the following…

  • The first thing you will need to do is prepare about 3-4 cooler bags with ice-bricks.
  • Take all items out of the fridge and store them in the cooler bags for now. As you do this make sure to discard any items that have gone past their use-by date. If any fruit or veggies have gone to waste, chuck them into your compost. You may come across a few “science experiments” as I like to call them… I’m sure you know the ones I mean, I’m taking half eaten yoghurt containers with mould growing inside and rotten apples hiding at the back of the fridge. Yes, a fridge make-over was well over-due! Aren’t you glad you’ve decided to do this little exercise with me today 😉
  • Once the fridge is completely empty, wipe down all the shelves and storage compartments inside the fridge. (Most compartments can be completely removed if you want to give it a thorough clean like I do).

Now doesn’t you’re sparkling clean fridge just look so beautiful!!! It is like having a blank canvas, a clean slate to start fresh with and it’s going to make a beautiful home for all of your healthy, fresh produce to go into.

  1. Choose Wisely:

When I did my first fridge make-over back in 2015, I had decided to quit gluten, dairy and refined sugar. I checked every label of every item before it went back into my fridge and if it contained gluten, dairy or refined sugar it simply didn’t make the cut and I tossed it straight into the bin! Once I have made a conscious decision to make a positive change, I simply can’t go back to my old ways. If my personal method seems a little too extreme for you, read my tips below…

  • Before filling your fridge, think about the healthy eating habits you have committed to or would like to make.
  • Only put items back into the fridge that are in line and supportive of these healthy habits.


Tip 1: Use up what you’ve got first. If you don’t want to waste the food you have, try to use up all the ingredients you no longer want to be consuming before your next shop and then make healthier choices moving forward.

Tip 2: If you don’t want to continue eating these foods but don’t want to waste food either by tossing it into the bin then message a few of your friends to see if they have use for those food items.

  1. Correct Storage:

For years I had no idea that there was a correct way of arranging the items in the fridge and I found that I was frequently throwing away certain foods because they got too cold. (hello frozen celery). One day I did a little research and implemented the below to help avoid food wastage…

  • Upper shelves: Foods that don’t need to be cooked eg: Leftovers and deli meats
  • Middle shelves: Any dairy products eg: Milk, hard cheese, yoghurt & butter
  • Bottom shelf: Any wrapped raw meat and fish
  • Draws: Veggies, salads, and fruit
  • Door shelves: Condiments, jams, juices, soft cheese


Tip1: Keep your veggies away from the back of the fridge so they don’t get too cold and freeze… like my poor celery in the past!

Tip 2:  Store food in glass food storage containers or in beeswax food wraps.

  1. Food Prep:

Preparation is key, if you have some healthy snacks and meals ready to go and easily accessible in your fridge you’re way more likely to make healthy food choices! This is how I prep for the week…

  • Make a batch of my Superfood Bliss Balls or another raw treat
  • Make a jug of my Glowing Goddess Green Juice or pure celery juice
  • Fill 1 glass lunch box container with veggie sticks
  • Fill 1 glass lunch box container with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries
  • Make a container of chia pudding or soaked oats for brekky
  • Make a large pot of soup to have ready for lunch or dinner
  • Re-Fill Mindfully:

Now that your fridge is organised so well it makes it super easy to see what you need to pick-up on your next grocery shop.

  • Write out a meal plan for the week and base your grocery list around these meals.
  • Write yourself a shopping list of all the groceries you need to buy so you can shop more efficiently.

Next, The Pantry…

  1. Clean Out The Pantry:

The following steps are similar to the steps we took to make-over the fridge but stick with me gorgeous because now it’s time to make-over the pantry!

  • The first thing you will need to do is clear off your kitchen bench top or dining table.
  • Take all items out of the pantry and place them on the area you have cleared. As you do this make sure to discard any items that have gone past their expiry date.
  • Once the pantry is completely empty, wipe down all the shelves.

Look at how fresh your pantry now looks!!! I bet you didn’t know you had so much space in there and it’s going to make a lovely home for all of your dry goods.

  1. Choose Wisely:
  • Before filling your pantry, think about the healthy eating habits you have committed to or would like to make.
  • Only put items back into the pantry that are in line and supportive of these healthy habits.


Tip: If you find items you no longer want to consume moving forward, but don’t want to waste them by throwing them out, you can once again get creative and use up what you’ve got first or message a few of your friends to see if they have use for those food items.

  1. Dry Food Storage:

For our anniversary one year Patrick bought me all of the storage containers we now use for our dry goods along with a label maker… it was hands down one of the best pressies ever. I LOVE being super organised and having everything neat and tidy, so it just shows that he knows me all too well.

  • Although everything will look beautiful if you have new, matching glass jars it can be costly to get set-up so just start with what you have. Any glass container will do so long as it has a lid that you can secure tightly.
  • Transfer any dry goods that you have in packets into the glass storage containers and label them. (This makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for).
  • Place the large/tall containers to the back of the pantry and the smaller/short containers to the front.


Tip: I always up-cycle our old coconut oil jars! Once I’ve boiled them and removed the labels, I use them as food storage containers. Lemon essential oil and tea tree oil are great for removing those stubborn sticky labels!

  1. Re-Fill Mindfully:

Now that your pantry is super organised it will be easier for you to see what ingredients you already have so you don’t accidentally double-up when you next shop.

  • Before stocking up on your dry goods think about the items you use most frequently and replenish those… you don’t want to be buying 1kg of brazil nuts if you never eat Brazil nuts!

So angel, I really hope that you have enjoyed the process of making over your fridge and pantry! I know it can be a big job but I can promise you that it is well worth the time, energy and effort you have put in to do this. With your new, clean and tidy fridge and pantry, you will be able to clearly see which healthy foods you have available to you. You are now way more likely to make healthy food choices and you will be able to make your grocery list with ease each week, saving you time and money.

If you found this article to be beneficial on your wellness journey then please share this with your besties right now. I want to spread the message of true health and happiness to as many people as possible and I would LOVE your help so get sharing!

Love Kat Xx

Ps – I would love to see some before and after pics of your fridge and pantry make-over! Take a pic or video of you giving your fridge or pantry a make-over and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag me @kathryn.chandler on Instagram when you share so I can see your post and cheer you on.