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“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Hey Gorgeous Goddess,

Today we’re diving into one of my favourite topics… creativity! I love being creative, it lights me up and is something that comes very naturally to me, however I realise not everyone feels as confident or comfortable as I do about taping into their creative energy. If you struggle to connect with your creative side, or feel like you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, then babe this is a must read! In this article I am uncovering what creativity is and why every human on earth is creative. Why creativity is essential for optimal health and happiness and why suppressing your creativity is detrimental to your health. I’m shining a light on what kills our creativity and giving you the keys to unlock your creativity plus I’ll be recommending some amazing resources!!! Let’s dive in!

What Is Creativity?

Creativity is using your imagination to turn new and original ideas into reality. Essentially creativity is putting two or more things together that weren’t together before. Every time you do something just that little bit different, it is a small creative act.

For me, creativity has always been a form of self-expression. As many of you know, before I became a Holistic Health Coach I was a Ballerina. I used movement and music creatively to tell stories and convey emotion all without words. When I was at school, I thrived in all my creative arts subjects, so much so that I went on to become the Captain of Arts when I was in senior school. I have always loved performing, writing, design, photography and art and I use these creative skills daily in my business.

Why Every Human On Earth Is Creative!

Many of us walk through life with the limiting belief that being “ a creative” refers only to people who are immersed in the creative arts. However, creativity is not just reserved for the painters, potters, poets and performers of this world! Creativity is everywhere and for everyone. Creativity is choosing the ingredients you put into your breakfast smoothie, creativity is coming up with a new business idea, creativity is writing the caption under your social media post or taking a photo or making a video. Creativity is designing a home, starting a veggie garden, and choosing the clothes you’re going to wear that day. Creativity is driving a different route to work or taking a different walking track than you normally would. Creativity is unavoidable and inevitable, that is why every human on earth is creative.

Why Creativity Is Essential For Optimal Health & Happiness?

Creativity is another vital piece of the holistic wellness puzzle. In my opinion, it is just as important as nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. When you tap into your creative energy you open the doors for joy and abundance to flow into your life. Unleashing your creativity brings new possibilities and excitement to your days.

Why Suppressing Your Creativity Is Detrimental To Your Health:

Often people categorise creativity as a “luxury” or “non-essential” item. They make creative activities a low priority, telling themselves that they don’t have time for their creative outlets, however, when you supress your creativity you deny your true self. Suppressing your creativity greatly limits your potential to problem solve and think outside the box.

What Kills Our Creativity?

As children, we come into this world as confident creatives. Have you ever noticed how children can just sit down and create? They are not afraid to express their creativity. However, as they get older you may notice that they become more self-conscious, holding back their ideas from a place of fear of judgment or of “doing it wrong”. Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.

There are a few things that can kill creativity…

1.Mainstream schooling – I believe the mainstream schooling system often dulls the creative spark in young children. Often putting children into a box, so to speak and not allowing them to fully express themselves as unique individuals and highly creative human beings.

If you have kids, I highly recommend you watch the TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson: Are Schools Killing Creativity?

2.Consuming before you create – For some, it is normal to get up and immediately start scrolling through social media. (I personally couldn’t think of a worse way to start the day). When we do this it kills our creativity… instead of using our own creative muscle we become lazy and rely on others to “feed” us with ideas and information. If you’re currently doing this PLEASE STOP NOW!

3.Low Confidence & Low Self-Esteem – If you have a fear of failure or of being judged, it can really hold you back from getting creative. Stop worrying about what everyone else will think… the only opinion that really matters is yours!

4.Analysis Paralysis – If you wait until it is “perfect” you will destroy your creative ideas. The creative process can be messy, have fun with it. Remember that “perfection” doesn’t exist, so stop overthinking and trying to control the process… just get started and see where it takes you!

The Keys To Unlock Your Creativity:

1.Quiet your mind. We get bombarded with a continual flood of information all day, every day. Sometimes all you need is a moment of quiet to think for yourself. If I want to come up with a new idea for my business I like to spend a few hours alone in nature and I come back bursting with inspiration.

2.Creativity takes courage, be brave enough to put yourself out there and try something different.

3.Challenge yourself to be more creative in your daily activities. Think about how you can bring creativity into every aspect of your day. How can you be more creative with the housework, at work, with the kids or with your lover? Maybe you can do a little dance while your washing the dishes, suggest a new idea at work, play a new game with the kids or create a fun date night as a surprise. The possibilities are endless!

4.Stop procrastinating and just start! Enough excuses babe, whatever it is that you want to create, whether it’s a painting, a scrapbook album, a new website, a book, the floor plan for your new home, whatever it is just start it and as you go it will all come together. Trust me!

Top Tips:

1.I have a rule that I have followed since starting my business back in 2017. I create before I consume. I do my creative work first thing in the morning before I look at my phone and start consuming information.

2.If you haven’t flexed your creative muscle for a while then think back to the creative activities you did and enjoyed as a child. I loved colouring and dancing as a little girl and I still tap into these creative outlets now.

3.The more you work on your creative muscle the stronger it will get.

So gorgeous girl, I hope this article has inspired you to do something creative today. I can promise that if you commit to doing something creative each day you will start to see the benefits of it. Share this with your besties right now, to encourage them too. I want to spread the message of true health and happiness to as many people as possible and I would LOVE your help so get sharing!

 Love Kat Xx

Ps – I would love to see what creative activities you enjoy! Take a pic or video of you doing something creative, share it on social media and don’t forget to tag me @kathryn.chandler on Instagram when you share your post.