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How To Be A Mindful Eater

“Slow down, eat consciously and mindfully…”

 Hey gorgeous,

Today I want to talk to you about why it’s so important to slow down and eat mindfully. Our lives can become so full and often we don’t set aside enough time to sit down and really enjoy our meals. If you find yourself shovelling in your breakfast while standing at the kitchen sink in the morning or quickly grabbing fast-food and eating on the run, then my darling this article is just for you!

I want to encourage you to slow down, focus on your food and enjoy every mouthful. When we don’t make the time to eat mindfully it can lead to poor food choices and digestive issues. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you think you’re saving time in the morning by skipping it or just having a cup of coffee you are making a big mistake! Let me give you an example…

Scenario 1:

You wake up with a jolt, suddenly realising that you’re running late for work so you decide to skip brekkie, get dressed at super speed and jump straight in the car. Still feeling half-asleep you quickly pick-up a take away coffee with an extra shot and in no time at all you’re back on route to work.

By 10am you’re ready to eat your own arm off… or at least devour one too many cookies at morning tea-time from the work cookie jar. After your sweet snack you feel a bit sick as the sugar kicks in and you sink with guilt as you reflect on your poor food choice… but at least it will tide you over until lunch right? By mid-day you’re looking at your To-Do-List that just keeps growing and you decide you simply have “too much work to do” so you grab something quick as you race back to the office and inhale it at your desk, or worse… you skip lunch all together. By 3pm you’re running out of steam and looking for a “pick me up” so you reach for that nice little chocolate you’ve got hidden at the back of your desk draw.

By 5:30pm you’re stuck in traffic… of course by now you’re starving and decide to just “nibble” on the salted peanuts tucked away in the bottom of your handbag. By the time you’re walking in the door at home you have a headache and feel exhausted so you poor a nice big glass of red wine and eventually drag your tired body into bed… ready to do it all over again the next day.

Does this sound familiar?… What if I told you your day could look something like this instead?

Scenario 2:

You wake up feeling energised and motivated because you’ve had adequate sleep the night before. You start your morning with a warm cup of green tea and fresh lemon to kick start your digestive system, followed by a nourishing breakfast that you eat slowly because you have more than enough time to enjoy it before starting your day.

You feel awake and actually enjoy your drive to work as you listen to your favourite music in the car. By 10am you’re ready for a snack so you pull out your veggie sticks and hummus that you prepared the night before.

You’ve felt alert and productive all morning and you’re on top of all your jobs for the day so you have plenty of time to take your full lunch-break. You sit down, enjoy a fresh and satisfying meal that keeps you feeling full of energy even into the late afternoon. By 3pm you’re ready for a light snack so you make a cup of herbal tea and eat 1 or 2 protein balls to give you an extra kick of energy.

On the drive home you’re looking forward to the dinner you have planned for the night and once you’re in the kitchen you enjoy the process of creating a healthy and delicious meal for yourself and possibly even for your family too. You sit down, focusing on your food and enjoy every mouthful, savouring each flavour and texture until you’re satisfied. 

I don’t know about you gorgeous but I know which scenario I would prefer! So now you can see that just a few simple little things can make a big difference to your day. It’s as simple as getting organised the night before by preparing some healthy snacks and a satisfying lunch that you can take with you to work the next day (this will also help you to save money as you won’t need to buy food out). Make sure you go to sleep early enough so that you will have at least 8 hours sleep and set an alarm that allows enough time for you to get ready for work and have a calm breakfast the following morning.

Benefits of Mindful Eating:

  • Improves digestion
  • Improves feeling of satiety
  • Reduces over-eating/ binge eating
  • Aids weight loss
  • More likely to make healthier choices
  • Decreases feelings of stress/anxiety
  • Promotes a calm state
  • More in-tune with your body
  • Improves your mindset
  • Increases your energy levels


My Top 10 Tips:

1.Slow down and tune in to what your body is actually asking for… are you really wanting that chocolate bar or is your body actually craving sugar because you’re tired and low on energy? Maybe what your body really needs is rest or nourishing foods…

2.Eat consciously… choose high-quality, wholefoods that will nourish your body rather than highly processed and packaged foods.

3.Eat mindfully… sit down, slow down, put your phone away and remove yourself from any other distractions so that you can focus fully on the beautiful, healthy meal in front of you.

4.Be thankful… growing up my parents always taught us to be thankful for the food that we had. We always said a prayer before each meal to show thanks for our food and we always asked that the person who prepared the meal would be blessed. (This is still one of my favourite traditions at home!)

5.Eat with intension… It’s important to be clear on why you’re eating. Check in with yourself next time you open the fridge… are you really hungry or are you actually bored, stressed, tired or maybe even feeling lonely?

6.You should only ever eat to nourish your body. Food is our fuel and it is here to keep us alive. It is not a tool to avoid emotional issues or distract us from stressful situations!

7.Focus on your breath… make sure to slow your breathing so that you can eat in a calm state.

8.Focus on your posture… make sure to eat in a seated position and sit up nice and straight rather then hunching over and scrunching your tummy where your food is working its way through your digestive system.

9.Chew your food… it is so important to chew your food properly! Chew until everything is puréed (like baby food). This stimulates the production of saliva and stomach acid, which is imperative for good digestion!

10.Stop eating once you’re satisfied. Eating slowly will give your body the chance to become aware when you have eaten enough. This will prevent you from over-eating and feeling too full or bloated after a meal.

So gorgeous, if you are feeling inspired to practice mindful eating then I encourage you to share this article with a girlfriend and hopefully it will encourage her too!

Love Kat


P.s – I’d love to see how you set yourself up to eat consciously and mindfully! Take a pic and tag me in it when you share you post on Facebook and Instagram.

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