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How To Balance Babies & Business

“Here’s to the mamas raising businesses & babies”

Hey Gorgeous Goddess,

Today I’m writing specifically for the women who want to have both, the business and the babies! In this article I’m going to be teaching you how to balance these two BIG life projects, so that you can fulfil your hearts deepest desires! I’ll be giving you my 4 keys to success plus I’ll be sharing my tips on how I transition back and forth from “Girl Boss” to “Nurturing Mama”. I’m also opening up about my personal experience with Mama-Guilt and how I moved through that. This article is so juicy and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Are you ready to learn how to blend business and babies?

Let’s dive in!

Is It Possible To Blend Business And Babies?

When I first said that I wanted to start my business alongside starting a family I received A LOT of judgment and criticism. I remember people saying things like “There’s no way you’re going to be able to manage both”, “You need to choose if you’re going to be a Mum or have a career”, “You’re going to have to put your business plans to the side until your kids are older” and “You need to prioritise your kids and family now”. I cannot tell you how much these comments frustrated me and hurt. I realised very quickly that I didn’t have the support of these particular people, however I certainly wasn’t going to let their negative comments and limiting beliefs hold me back and so I took a big, brave leap and decided to go for it anyway. After 4.5 years of “blending” and trying many different models within that, I can honestly say that Yes! Yes! Yes! Babe, it is possible to very consciously blend business and babies successfully.  Remember that you are the creator of your reality so if this is what you truly desire then you CAN have it!

Tip: When people project their negative comments onto you, remind yourself that that is their beliefs, NOT YOURS. You don’t have to take that on board and it’s okay to say “Thank you, but no thank you, I don’t subscribe to that”.

The 4 Keys To Your Success:

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Language

As you know I am a big believer that you get back more of what you put out into the world, so be impeccable with your words! Stop saying things like “It’s such a juggle, having kids and a business” and “It’s so hard trying to balance work and family life”.  Start saying “I blend my business and babies so life has flow” and “I have a nice balance between my work and family time”.

Tip: Write out your new positive affirmations onto sticky notes and put them up on your bathroom mirror and fridge where you can read them every day to remind yourself of the life you are creating!

  1. Be Super Organised

I am a typical Type-A personality type, I love structure and I absolutely thrive on routine! Being highly organised is something that just comes very naturally to me and once I had my babies, I realised just how important this skill is, to be able to move through each day with ease and stay highly productive.

Tip: Every Sunday, sit down with your partner and organise your week ahead. Work out who’s doing childcare drop-offs and pick-ups, who’s making dinner each night and what you’ll be having, what day the weekly shopping is going to get done, schedule your weekly workouts or classes and social catch ups. I do this every single week and it helps to give the week ahead structure and clarity.

  1. Get Support

You CAN have it all and you CAN do it all… just not on your own! When I became a mama for the first time, I put a huge expectation on myself that I was to “do it all” on my own. I very quickly learnt that it is simply not realistic or achievable to start a business and a family simultaneously, without any outside support. I realised that if I wanted to have both the business and the babies, I needed to put my ego aside and ask for help. After all they say, “It takes a village to raise a child” and I certainly could not achieve all that I do, without the support of the epic tribe I have around me!

Tip:  Ask your partner, best friend or Mum to look after your little one for a few hours each week, find a live-in nanny, organise a baby-sitter or arrange a few set childcare days so you know you have time for your business and yourself each week. These are just a few ideas of what you can do, we have tried all of the above and they each have their pros and cons. Remember that everyone’s situation is so unique so do what works for you and your family!

  1. Schedule In Time For Self-Care

If you have chosen to balance babies and business the reality is that your schedule is going to be full. The more you take on, the more critical it is to schedule in self-care time to ensure that you don’t get run down and burnt out. I had to learn this the hard way… in my first few years of being a Mama I didn’t give myself enough opportunities to rest, recover and recharge. I let my self-care cup run dry many times and experienced burnout and depression as a result. This was not a fun time, but I eventually learnt my lesson and gave myself permission to take time out for myself again. I cannot stress just how important self-care is for EVERYONE! As I always say, self-care is not selfish it is essential.

Tip: Schedule your self-care time into your diary and think of it as one of your most important meetings to attend.

How To Move Through And Let Go Of Mama-Guilt:

Mama-Guilt is something that I have personally experienced and struggled with, particularly when my babies were very little. I found that when I was with them, all I wanted to do was get into my office and work on my business, but when I sat down at my desk, I would feel a wave of guilt wash over me for not being with them. It was a catch-22, I wasn’t enjoying being with them because I was longing to get my business going and I wasn’t enjoying working on my business because I felt so guilty for taking that time away from them. I realised that if I could drop the guilt and truly enjoy the time I was investing into my business, I would feel fulfilled and in turn, enjoy the time I did spend with them so much more! Win-Win!!!

Tip: When you feel mama-guilt creeping up, remind yourself that you’re taking time away from your kids to do work that you love… work that lights up your soul and fills up your cup and as a result of this, you can show up as the best mama possible for them.

Top Tips:

  1. Focus on the positives and remind yourself of all the things that you are doing well!
  2. Surround yourself with other like-minded mama’s who blend business and babies too.

How To Transition from “Girl Boss” to “Nurturing Mama” and Vice Versa:

When I returned to work after having my babies, I found that I struggled to get out of work mode and into my more nurturing role as a lover and mama. When I’m at work I’ve got my “Girl Boss” hat on but when I’m at home I want to wear the hat of “Nurturing Mama”. I had to learn how to get out of my head and back into my heart space so I could soften.

Here are a few simple things I do to help me transition into my Nurturing Mama role with more ease and grace:

  • Meditate in the car for 5-10mins before picking the kids up from childcare.
  • Having a Goddess bath with lavender oil after work and changing into clothes that make me feel softer and more feminine.
  • Going to the beach for a walk or swim after work.

Here are a few simple things I do to help me transition into my Girl Boss role with more ease and grace:

  • Shower and get dressed into my “work” attire.
  • Use an energising essential oil blend as my perfume for the day, something like Wild Orange or Grapefruit.
  • Wear heels whenever I go to work! (This always puts me into work mode)

So gorgeous girl, I hope this article has given you hope that you CAN have both the business and the babies! If you have chosen to take on both BIG life projects simultaneously, I want to take a moment to acknowledge you. I know first-hand what this commitment means and all I can say is huni, you are incredible. I hope that the tips I have shared will help you to achieve all that you desire with more ease and enjoyment.

If you found this article to be beneficial on your wellness journey, then please share this with your besties right now. I want to spread the message of true health and happiness to as many people as possible and I would LOVE your help so get sharing!

Love Kat Xx

Ps – I would love to see a pic of you blending business and babies! Please feel free to DM me and if you share on Instagram, don’t forget to tag me @kathryn.chandler so I can see your post and cheer you on babe!