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Hey Gorgeous Muma,

Today I want to introduce this brand new section on my blog dedicated to all things Mumas & Bubs! Becoming a Mother has been the most incredible, life changing experience for me and I want to share my personal experiences, tips & tricks with other Mumas.

I strive to always be my genuine, authentic self in every single thing that I do and this space has no exception. I promise to always be completely open and totally honest with you about my personal journey into Motherhood. If you’re looking for the “perfect picture” you won’t find it here! I want to be real with you, sharing from my heart the highs and sometimes even the lows of this adventure. This is a space of no judgement, where you are safe to laugh out loud and let the tears flow freely and as often as you like.

The first year into this new chapter of my life has been an insane roller-coaster ride, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have experienced an overwhelming sense of pure, all consuming, heart expanding love for our little boy Gabriel and a deep love, appreciation, admiration and respect for my fiancé Patrick.

Of course not every moment is filled with sunshine and butterflies… life is not perfect and you will face challenging times and low points too. The key is learning not only to survive but to truly thrive, even in theses difficult moments. I’ll be diving into these topics in future articles so stay tuned Mumas.

Although we experience hard times as new parents I always know deep in my heart that Patrick and I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing baby boy. Gabriel is honestly the happiest and most content little guy you will ever meet! Everyday I am grateful to have him in our life and I am forever thankful to have the most amazing partner by my side that loves and supports me in every single moment. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, hands-on, patient and extremely loving Papa for our little boy.

Being a first time Muma, I don’t claim to be an expert on any of this but I have learnt so much along the way and I continue to discover new things each and everyday. I have a holistic, natural and somewhat alternative approach, which may or may not align with your beliefs and that’s okay! I simply want to share the information I have found because I want to help you and support you in any way that I can possible.

I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge in the hope that it will encourage and inspire you to be a happy and thriving Muma with a healthy and content little Bub. Every pregnancy is going to be different and every beautiful baby is unique. Know that what works for me might not be 100% right for you and your family.

The amount of information, advice and suggestions thrown at you as a new parent can sometimes be overwhelming so I want you to make a promise…. Always trust yourself and your intuition. We all have it within us. I want you to tune in and really listen to that inner voice. You ultimately know what is best for you and your baby. Do what feels right for YOU and don’t worry about what anyone else says or thinks! Remember that this is a judgement free zone.

Stepping into this 24 hour – 7 day a week role can be a massive change and it can take some time to adjust to your new life but I want you to know that you are not walking this path alone Sista! Let us support each other, encourage one another and inspire other women as we share our real, unfiltered stories.

So gorgeous if you know another Muma or soon-to-be Muma who could really benefit from these articles then I encourage you to share my page with her. The more Muma’s supporting each other on this crazy journey the better! 

Love Kat


P.s – I’d love to meet you and your little bub, wherever you are in the world! Take a pic and share it on your Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to tag me in it!!! @kathryn.chandler #mumasandbubs